Interesting empid at Cesar Chavez Park

Noah Arthur

Jack Hayden and I birded Creekside Park and Cesar Chavez Park today (Aug. 31st), and found flycatchers everywhere. We started with three WILLOW FLYCATCHERS at Creekside (but no redstart). 

At Cesar Chavez we encountered an interesting Empidonax at the northwest corner of the big patch of trees/shrubbery just north of the end of Spinnaker Way. This bird resembled Pacific-slope overall, but the tail seemed short and small, and it has a broad black “kinglet bar” along the bases of the folded secondaries (below the lower wing-bar). These features seem wrong for Pacific-slope to me, but I’m none too good with empid ID... Here’s a back of camera photo on my Facebook:

Noah Arthur (Oakland)

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