Heather Farm Park, Aug. 14, 2018


This morning I arrived at Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, at 7:00am. Bird activity was quiet but I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of 14 NORTHERN SHOVELERS, mostly female, on the natural pond. They remained in a fairly tight group, in the air and on water, mingling, occasionally, with a few of the local mallards. A bit later I found a single WESTERN TANAGER working the oaks on the west side of the pond. Soon thereafter, I was joined by Hugh Harvey and we got good looks at a male BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER as it worked high in the oak at the northwestern corner of the pond. Fred Safier had both male and female of this species, yesterday, not far from the one found this morning. A while later, Hugh and I found a HUTTON'S VIREO in the willows on the east side. Looking forward to the fall.

Good birding,

Tracy Farrington

Walnut Creek

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