Alameda Wildlife Reserve

John Luther

Hi All,

I have been asked again about public access to the Alameda Wildlife Reserve.  Again there is still no public access.  Sorry I forgot to mention this again in my last post.  This area is at the west end of Alameda "island" and the city of Alameda.  It was a part of the Alameda Naval Air Station that closed in 1997.  It has many no trespassing signs and is patrolled on a regular basis looking for trespassers.  It is the area where the large Least Tern colony is located that is monitored by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Every summer there is an event when the public can visit the Least Tern colony by bus.  I do not normally report birds here as there is no public access.  Occasionally an unusual species or unusual number (as was the case with the Elegant Terns) show up and I report that to inform folks of things to look for nearby.  If an unusual species is seen that may be seen from outside the reserve (such as with the Brown Booby) I report it immediately.  The extreme SW corner of the Reserve is in San Francisco Co.  This is where the large Caspian Tern colony is located and where the large bunch of Elegant Terns were roosting.  

John Luther

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