Lake Temescal Banded Green Heron

Robert Firehock


A banded green heron is back at Lake Temescal. Some may remember we had 
this last year and, after guidance from a couple of you and help from a 
couple photographer/birders--Doug and Kent--we were able to 'read' the 
full band number with a high degree of certainty and JD Bergeron 
confirmed it as one that his group, IBR, had banded/released.

If you are at Lake Temescal with a camera and see an adult Green, please 
look to see if there is a silver band on its right leg. It would be 
above the first leg joint. It's not always visible and sometimes I don't 
see it but it's in the photos I take. If you can get a full zoom, good 
resolution shot of the leg/band, you may find when you enlarge it later 
you can read some numbers. If so, please share them with me off-thread, 
so as not to clutter EBB further.

Last visit there was a second adult w/o a band, as well as what I took 
to be a juvenile apparently molting to another plumage stage.

Thank you,
Bob Firehock

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