Middle Harbor Shoreline, Sunday, Elegant terns

Megan Jankowski

We had a good Golden Gate Audubon field trip at Middle Harbor Shoreline this morning. We had a four-tern day: about 80 Caspian Terns including juveniles, 40 Elegant Terns, 5 Forster's terns and about 10 Least Terns. Members of the group spotted two banded Caspian Terns, which has been submitted the the BBL.

We had some discussion about whether a plover was a Pacific Golden. It seemed to have more extensive black up its front and a browner back. I have photos on the Ebird checklist that are not very good, but any thoughts are welcome.

Other expected shorebirds are rolling in: Marbled Godwit, Willet, Least Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, Sanderling. Maureen Lahiff and I had two American Avocet there yesterday but they were not there today.

We had an Osprey fly over and a great look at a Peregrine. No ducks were present except one American Wigeon. 

Megan Jankowski

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