Not a lot going on in Walnut Creek


Things have been slow in Heather Farm Park in the Ygnacio Valley of Walnut Creek.  One and sometimes two Pied-billed Grebes have been on the big pond, up to 50 Mallards are hanging out in various stages of eclipse plumage.  We usually see a Green Heron and often a Black-crowned Night-Heron or two, sometimes a Great blue Heron or Great Egret.

The City had some more skimming done on both the concrete pond and the large, mostly natural pond.  During the hot summer months, lots of algae grows, sometimes almost covering the surface.  The contractor uses a paddle-wheel machine with a chain conveyor to collect all the vegetation. 

The biggest unreported sighting was Noah Strycker visiting the Camera West store in downtown Walnut Creek last Friday.  Not being advertised very well, only 14 folks visited to hear what I have been told was an excellent presentation about his 2015 World Big Year.  It is too bad that local birders had no idea he was in the neighborhood.  He was at the Leica store in San Francisco Saturday.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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