Re: Elsie Roemer (7/21) - possible Common Ringer Plover?

Jerry Ting

This (7/22 Sunday) morning I re-found the potential adult female CRPL almost the same spot (40 yards east of the observation deck near the dock object on the shore.  37.752875, -122.247642) around 9:30am. I observed the bird from 2 different angles (north and east) and both spots are about 25-30 yards away from the bird so I can gain only distant shots.

The bird is isolated and not bonding with other Semipalmated Plovers at all and spent most of the time preening. I got better view of the bird today and can see the bill is longer, slander and with more orange on the base. The white supercilium is very clear unlike a couple of adult female Semipalmated seen around the deck with weak pale supercilium. The yellowish eyering is incomplete and mostly on the lower part of the eye. The black band on the chest is not as wide as the normal male CRPL but I have seen some images (e.g. from Macaulay Library and of breeding plumage CRPL with narrow chest band. No vocals from the bird again.

I have attached 2 images on my eBird report:
The plate contains images of CRPL and SEPL (A, D and G is the potential CRPL from today, H is a CRPL image from Archive for comparison, and the rest are SEPL seen in the area today).

Happy Birding,

Jerry Ting

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