Elsie Roemer (7/21) - possible Common Ringer Plover?

Jerry Ting

I found a Charadrius plover around 9:00am this (7/21) morning about 40 yards east of the onservation deck in Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, Alameda that I suspect is an adult female Common Ringed Plover.  It has extended white supercilium and ambiguous eyering.  The bill seems to has more orange and a bit longer than the Semipalmated Plover.  The bird didn't vocalize during the observation so I couldn't identify it by the call.

I couldn't find any detailed comparison documents between female Ringed and Semipalmated Plover and all eBird sightings in the US are mostly adult male with a couple of juveniles.  Any comment and suggestion about this bird will be much appreciated.

Other highlights in the area include 44 Sanderlings, 150+ Brown Pelicans and 1 Brandt's Cormorant.

Happy Birding,

Jerry Ting

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