Heather Farm Walnut Creek Saturday July 21


It has tended to be slow as it does every summer, but today the park had a couple of really nice birds.  I was ahead of Fred Safier, and eventually I rode my bike to the entrance of the private Seven Hills School.  At the corner of the equestrian parking lot just before the school entrance, something is in the top of the eucalyptus tree there.  A number of birds were active at the very top, including at least one Lesser Goldfinch, but I also saw a female-type Bullock's Oriole and a few moments later a brilliant male Bullock's Oriole.  A number of other birds were high in the tree, but I was having trouble deciding if the were House Finches or House Sparrows--mostly they were inside the leaves finding something to eat.

I met Fred later at the wooden railing and he drew my attention to what appeared to be a Western Kingbird across the pond.  The Kingbird flew towards and to the right of us, where Fred later had good views of it.

In addition, a Red-tailed Hawk was on one of the power poles near the private school and two Pied-billed Grebes were on the large, mostly natural pond.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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