Heather Farm Walnut Creek Monday July 16


We have been going through the slow days of summer in the park, but Fred Safier did have a 5-heron day yesterday between the park and the concrete creek channel to the west.  Our swallow population has mostly dispersed, but a few Barn Swallows and the occasional Violet-green or Rough-winged Swallows are still around.  Lots of House Finches, Bushtits and Black Phoebes following what must have been a successful nesting season.

A Red-tailed Hawk nest east of Cherry Lane had two young fledge.  Either they or the adults are seen sometimes in the vicinity of the private Seven Hills School north of the equestrian area of the park. 

A Red-shouldered Hawk was calling this morning and seen by Fred.

Lots of Mallards in eclipse plumage at the mostly natural pond and Canada Geese are scattered on the lawns.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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