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Well, I guess I under-estimated the count of Pelicans. Steve and I were on our way home from picking up our prints from the Marin Fair. Neither of us had anything other than cell phone cameras.

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Over 100 Brown Pelicans put on a great show this afternoon at the Albany mudflats (and the Richmond shoreline as well, according to a passing cyclist). They were often half-diving close to shore; within 50' of the viewing platforms. The plateau was mowed a couple of days ago (including the burrowing owl enclosure), which may have something to do with the other big flocks: swallows (mainly Cliff and Tree, lots of Cliff babies being fed), House Finches, Red-winged Blackbirds, Starlings. Other highlight was a clutch of Gadwall ducklings- a first for me!

Working on getting some photos up; they will eventually appear here: If you go next high tide to check it out, keep an eye out for a lost little dog.

-Sharon Jue


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