Marsh Creek and Big Break Trails--Good Raptors, Blue Grosbeak

Lee Friedman

Yesterday morning in Oakley I birded Marsh Creek Trail from E. Cypress Road north to the junction with Big Break Regional Trail and followed the latter west for 1 mile before returning. My realized hope was to see a Blue Grosbeak (along the Marsh Creek section), and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the raptor action in the large fallow area (former agricultural land) west of Marsh Creek and south of Big Break--3 American Kestrels, 1 Swainson's Hawk, 1 Red-Tailed Hawk, 1 Northern Harrier, and a coyote to boot. There was also a Cooper's Hawk on the Big Break side.

A full eBird list with some photos is here:

Good birding,

Lee Friedman

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