Probably Costa's Hummingbird

Steve Huckabone

This morning while driving Mines Rd I stopped at a house that had 3 hummingbird feeders hanging from the second story patio. I pulled off the road the best I could and watched several hummingbirds coming and going. One looked good for an adult male Costa’s but could not get pic or good view. I got out of the car and walked along the shoulder to get a better vantage point and snapped a few pics of a sub-adult male. After I got home and looked at the pic’s I thought the one good pic showed a sub-adult male Costa’s. See eBird report The interesting field mark is the gorget coming in at the corner of where the gorget will be eventually. I don’t have allot of experience with Costa’s but books and photos show this field mark and description for sub-adult male Costa’s.  The house is on the right side when traveling south from Livermore in the area where there is a small group of homes on both side of Arroyo Mocho creek. Sorry didn’t record mile marker. Feedback appreciated.


Good birding.


Steve Huckabone

Alameda County

Livermore, CA


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