Lake Del Valle local interest, Saturday, June 9

Bruce Mast

East Bay Birders,
I had the opportunity to bird the south end of Lake Del Valle yesterday for about 4 hours, tallying 60 species. Most tantalizing birds were a fly-over Lawrence's Goldfinch and an unseen Willow Flycatcher giving its "Fitz Pew" call from a willow thicket on an island.

Raptors were in good evidence, with an adult Bald Eagle cruising over the lake, a soaring Peregrine Falcon, Kestrels, a couple Red-shouldered Hawks, and the ubiquitous Red-tailed. I didn't check the Bald Eagle nest this time.

Otherwise, it was a great day for watching fledglings and taking pictures. Full check list is at

Bird on,

Bruce Mast

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