Tilden Park Empid=Hammond's?

Mark Rauzon

Hi All-

At around 3pm today I saw the mystery empid in Tilden Nature Center, Berkeley. It was near where previously described: a short way down the nature trail boardwalk from the fire road access. I saw it for a second or two and saw a greenish bird with a faint eye-ring, then it vanished and I talked myself into thinking it was a kinglet. I continued on to Jewell Lake to admire the pair of hooded mergansers and on my return on the fire road back to the parking lot, near the boardwalk entrance I heard a calling bird which turned out to be the empid. It called repeatedly, a call every second or so, for about 10 calls. The calls were not sharp 'whits;, or 'piks', but more like a series of chirps. Around 4pm, I saw the bird clearly and it was indeed a greenish individual; it flicked it's wings but not it's tail. I saw the lower mandible was yellow/orangish and the upper mandible was dark. It looked like it had short wings, roundish head moderate sized bill. I managed some photos that show this, but it would not sit still enough for a portrait. I would hazard to guess it's a Hammond's Flycatcher.
When I finally lost the bird it was at the place where I first saw it, about 100 paces into the boardwalk, on the left after the trail bends. Good luck.


Mark Rauzon

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