Alameda Brown Booby continues Saturday afternoon

David Quady and Nancy Boas


Immediately after reading Jim Lomax’s post to the County Birders list serve I headed out the door, forgetting my binoculars in the process.

I found a parking place at the intersection of West Hornet Avenue and Viking Street in Alameda, walked to the edge of the bay, and stationed myself at the southwest corner of Hornet Soccer Field. I got the Brown Booby in my scope at 12:40 pm as it foraged in waters between the shoreline and the breakwater. Then I took my eyes off the bird, and it disappeared … but only for a few minutes. After re-locating it I watched it off and on until 1:00 pm, when it flew west along the breakwater and landed atop it quite some distance away, west of the gap in the breakwater.

So I went home.

The bird ranged over quite a large area, on either side of the breakwater, once far enough northwest to be lost to view behind the new ferry terminal.

Thanks to the folks who found and posted about the bird, and especially to Jim for his excellent directions.

Dave Quady
Berkeley, California

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