East Bay Hills Warblers and Migrants

Jim Chiropolos

There have been posts from SF, the peninsula and Santa Clara about a fallout this morning.

The mini-fallout also occurred in the east bay hills at my house below Vollmer. 5 hermit warblers, a Townsends, Bullocks oriole and three grosbeaks seen before I had to leave for work at 7:30 making it the best day of what has been a slow spring in the east bay (I have not seen black throated greys or Tanagers yet, heard only, unlike previous years and warbler numbers have been low the last two weeks).

Hilltops or Ridge lines in Oakland Berkeley are best (Vollmer peak etc.) and the location needs a sun exposure as the East Bay fallout equation is:

Wind from south + fog band below peaks = concentration of migrating birds + sun exposure at spot you are birding = active insects = gleaners fallout and is likely why most of the west facing slopes of Berkeley and Oakland are slow on fallout days. If there is a fallout, it will be over by 9 am or so as the birds disperse lower and follow the sun. It is so weather dependent.....

Good luck,

Jim Chiropolos


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