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Logan Kahle

Hi All,

Just a quick correction on the Bank Swallows. 

There are a few regular spots in the Bay Area:
Nesting colony on the cliffs of Fort Funston. These birds often go to Lake Merced to forage
Nesting colony at Ano Nuevo
Dependable concentrations at Bethel Island starting about late June and peaking in mid-August, presumably staging migrants (potentially breeders from farther north in the valley along the shores of the Sacramento/Feather River?)

Additionally, the species disperses throughout the region and locally stages at certain spots starting in Late June, especially in the Central Valley portions of the “Bay Area”. 

Just a few notes in case anyone wants to see Bank Swallows in coming months. 


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The Swallows at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek do not ordinarily include Bank Swallows, but the other 5 common species might be seen:  Barn, N Rough-winged, Tree, Violet-green and Cliff.  This morning the Barn, Violet-green and N Rough-winged were easily visible over the pond shortly after 8 AM. 

By walking out the north end of the park near the dog park and about a quarter-mile to the west along the Contra Costa Canal trail, it is easy to see where the Cliff Swallows nest under the bridge over the concrete channel of Walnut Creek.  Sometimes they fly over the large, mostly natural pond, but I did not happen to see one today--which doesn't mean they were none--only that I did not see one.

I am probably not correct in this, but to my knowledge, the only reliable place to see Bank Swallows in the Bay Area is Lake Merced in San Francisco and the south end of Ocean Beach where they nest.  This is where I go annually to see Ban k Swallows for my year list.

They used to be seen at Caswell Memorial State Park, which is located between Tracy and Ripon in the Central Valley.

There also used to be a reliable colony in Fall River Mills east of Burney and Mt. Shasta.  I don't know if these two sites still have active Bank Swallow colonies.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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