Garin Regional Park (PAAS Field trip report)

Matthew Dodder

I led my Palo Alto Adult School birding class to Gain Regional Park (Garin Rd. Entrance) for morning of overcast birding. We had many highlights during our 4 hours of birding, including several first-of-season sightings for the group.

Vaux’s Swift — (3, High Ridge Loop trail)
White-throated Swift — (2, below pond)
Rufous Hummingbird — (1, slightly north of pond in flowering radish meadow)
Allen’s Hummingbird — (several along creek)
Western Kingbird — (1, across meadow from barn)
Ash-throated Flycatcher — (4, mostly in sycamores near pedestrian bridge)
Pacific-slope Flycatcher — (2, along creek north and south of pedestrian bridge)
Western Wood Pewee — (1, south of pedestrian bridge, just before pond)
Say’s Phoebe — (2, High Ridge Loop trail)
Wilson’s Warbler — (several near pedestrian bridge, but best looks below pond)
Lazuli Bunting — (5, wild radish and mustard slopes north of pedestrian bridge)
Grasshopper Sparrow — (4, High Ridge Loop trail)
Bullock’s Oriole — (multiple pairs along creek and in tall flowering eucalyptus across from barn)

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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