Western Field Ornithologists trip to Siskiyou Mtns and Modoc Plateau

John Harris

Hi, California Birders:

From 2011 through 2016, Western Field Ornithologists offered three birding trips to the Sierra Nevada and to northeastern California, each trip roughly a week long. The purposes were to see some birds, address some ornithological questions, and raise funds for this worthy non-profit organization — the publisher of the quarterly Western Birds, and the book Rare Birds of California

WFO members quickly filled all the spaces on the first three trips; none was available to non-members. So it’s an unusual situation that two slots are available to anyone for this year’s trip, Birding the Siskiyous and the Modoc Plateau, to be led by Jon Dunn, Dave Quady and me, from 16 to 24 June, beginning and ending in Redding, CA..

Click here to read the trip’s itinerary and reports from the three preceding trips. And simply click the big “Register Now” button to sign up for Birding the Siskiyous and the Modoc Plateau.

Check it out … and email me if you have any questions.
John Harris
Oakdale, CA

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