Mitchell Canyon Poorwill and Cassin's Kingbird Question


Made a trip to Mitchell Canyon recently and I am pleased to announce that Common Poorwills are currently calling vigorously. The best places to hear and see them were on Red Road, specifically here (37°54'24.6"N 121°57'15.0"W). A small note, playing a tape of the birds will set them off calling at a much greater frequency if you are not having much luck. Other birds of notice were 2 Hammond's Flycatchers, Lazuli Buntings galore, Gnatcatchers, several Nashville warblers, and an early Olive-sided flycatcher here (37°54'55.7"N 121°56'55.9"W). Good luck!

On another note, it's 2018, and the pair of Cassin's Kingbirds have been sighted on Tesla Rd. again. I was wondering if anyone knew how to find these birds as I was going to try and find them this year. If you have any info please email z.querula@.... Thanks!

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