White- throated Sparrow continues at Mills College


Following Judith Dunham's posting about the White-throated sparrow in Oakland, I went today to Mills College at about 3 PM. The sparrow was on the hillside above the parking lot mentioned by Judith. I found it with two California Towhees and a Spotted Towhee nearby. A flock of Dark-eyed Juncos was also foraging. I followed the asphalt path up the hillside and found the birds next to the dorm building under an oak. This individual is an excellent example of the white-striped morph.

Ironically, the birds were very close to a small structure that could be mistaken for a large bird box on a platform with a hole in it. When I went behind the box, I found that it was open on the fourth side and housed a dish of water and cat food!

I also checked Diamond Park for the sparrow mentioned by Mark. I was unable to find that one.
Mary Krentz

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