Ruddy Turnstone, Ferry Point/Miller Knox, Richmond

Sheila Dickie

The previously reported Ruddy Turnstone was observed today, April 17, from 3-3:30 p.m. in the company of a small flock of about 10 Black Turnstones near Ferry Point (Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park) Richmond. Location: Walking toward Ferry Point from Miller Knox on the west side of the park where the RR tracks are, the turnstones were observed foraging along the rocky shoreline just before you get to the abandoned building and near the chain link fence with three "Restricted Area" signs posted. If one of the turnstones had not moved, I might have missed them as they were so well camouflaged among the rocks. Tide seemed to be going out. I did not see any Surf Birds.

Two Caspian Terns put on a diving display, and looking out to the left from Ferry Point toward the breakwater there were three Red-throated Loons swimming near some snoozing large grebes.

Sheila Dickie

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