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Joe Morlan

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Ron Thompson 10/17/10  P. 316 in Sibleys Guide was used for ID. It is clearly
buffy on forehead & buffy with streaks on the lower side as shown. The side of
the head is much whiter as in the picture. The back is like the darker
Ladderback adult female. We observed it over 10 times with binocs at 20 feet. It
returned to peck at persimmons I left on the back fence & then explored a close
by pear tree. I had seen the Nuttalls at Sunol Regional Park last year. The
Ladderback is a perfect example of what is In Sibleys.  If the book is reliable
then it is a Ladderback.

These two species can be easily confused. Have a look here:

A key difference between the dark Ladder-backed illustrated in Sibley and
the Nuttall's is the amount of barring on the outer tail-feathers.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker is unrecorded anywhere in Northern California
while Nuttall's is common and widespread.
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