Tennesee Warbler, Emeryville and other east bay birds....

Jim Chiropolos

Last night walking to my car I saw a Tennessee warbler in the dense exotic evergreen deciduous trees by the Chevy's Restaurant by I80/Powell Street. I did not hear or see it this morning on my way into the office.

Yesterday, at my Orinda home, there was a major push of Rufous Hummingbirds at the house with over 10 visiting the feeders with 2 Allen's. One feeder the last two weeks has been monopolized by a single Rufous male. This bird has not allowed another hummer at its feeder over this time. Its weird looking out the window to see 10 hummingbirds feeding at one feeder and the other feeder empty, with the Rufous perched protectively under its feeder.

Coopers hawks are breeding in the neighborhood. At this time of year they have a plumage I have not seen before or in the books - when they fly, the side feathers are fluffed out ad very conspicuous at the sides at the base of the tail - quite beautiful.

On Sunday, Derek Heins and I biked Alameda Creek from the canyon to Coyote Hills, Edens Landing, Hayward Marsh and part of San Leandro marina. In past years, this route would get us over 100 species but we were lucky to see 80. The only abundant birds were swallows and Northern Shovelers. Amazingly, in the 35 miles biked, we only had 7 raptors of five species. It seemed raptors and duck species are dispersing early this year. Our best sighting was a single Ross Goose at a San Leandro golf course. No passerine summer migrants with the exception of the swallows.

Good Birding,

Jim Chiropolos

Orinda and Emeryville

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