Sycamore Grove 03-24-18

Matthew Dodder

Cricket and I explored Sycamore Grove today—oddly, neither of us had been there before. The weather was on-and-off drizzle and rain, but still wonderful! There was nothing unexpected, but plenty of rainy-day highlights. 

Roughly 50 WILD TURKEYS were collected between three groups, one of which had a couple of young males testing their fighting skills—another appeared to be all females. 

There were abundant signs of breeding activity with RED-SHOULDRED HAWKS, RED-TAILED HAWKS, and WHITE-TAILED KITES actively engaged in courtship flights and vocalizations. We also saw AMERICAN KESTREL, NORTHERN HARRIER, COOPER’S and SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS. AMERICAN CROWS and COMMON RAVENS were seen carrying twigs for nest building, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH and HOUSE WRENS were exploring possible nest cavities. There were many TREE SWALLOWS and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS foraging over the meadowy areas. There was plenty of singing as well, most fun was the CALIFORNIA THRASHER that refused to be seen. On the other hand, a female BELTED KINGFISHER perched in full view near the bridge over the creek, and a single male COMMON MERGANSER flew high over the trees along the canyon, and a very-out-of-place AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN.

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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