Pt. Pinole, Richmond, Sunday March 11

Sheila Dickie

Lovely day out at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park yesterday, Sunday, March 11. Of note Osprey pair out on the old pier at the Point. Peregrine Falcon flew parallel with the pier, scaring up a small flock of peeps on the beach. Also out at the pier a few Cliff Swallows.

In the park itself a juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk near the Maintenance Yard, House Wren and pair of Black Phoebe also in same location. Ten Anna's Hummingbirds and three Allen's seen in various places along Owl Alley and Sobrante Way.

From the Paul J. Badger bridge over the RR tracks when you enter the park and looking east into tall eucalyptus there was a pair of White-tailed Kites, and driving along the Richmond Parkway on the way home there were two White-tailed Kites flying over the fields near Goodrich on right hand side of road.

Sheila Dickie

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