Rufous-crowned Sparrow Oakland Location

Jim Chiropolos

On Saturday I met Derek Heins for our weekly bike ride at the Gateway Emergency Preparedness Exhibit Center off Tunnel Road (Basically at the 24-13 intersection area). I got there early - got out of my car and thought, what can I find here? Right across from the center is a steep slope, mostly grassy, with the occasional shrub (California Sagebrush? - I'm not sure). I thought "perfect Rufous-crowned Sparrow habitat". I walked 20 feet from where I parked and sure enough, up popped a Rufous-crowned Sparrow!

This is probably the easiest place in the east bay to see one of these sparrows as all the other sites I know of require at least a 1/2 mile hike.

Good luck, please be respectful.

Jim Chiropolos

For ebird users I have recommended this location as an ebird hotspot.

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