Yellow-bellied sapsucker in Tilden Park, Berkeley

Patricia Mahoney

2/22/18, 11:15 AM: After a two-hour stakeout at the Tilden Park Nature Area parking lot picnic table (warm sun when the clouds parted- and a seat!) the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker made a brief appearance, flying on to the cotoneaster's rear trunk to dip into a few sap wells. New and old sap wells cover most of the cotoneaster that's right in front of the picnic table. The rear trunk's partially obscured by a tangle of small branches. I got better looks when the sapsucker flew left and back to a white-blossomed tree before it flew off and out of sight. 

A couple of birders joined the vigil for a while but left before the sapsucker appeared, unfortunately. A Golden-crowned Kinglet landed overhead in the large oak, a ray of sun lighting up its golden crown before it flew off. Varied Thrush called regularly and one female thrush paused on an oak branch before diving low into the cotoneaster berries. Yellow-rumped Warblers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets (some checking out sap wells) and Hermit Thrush (some jumping up from the ground to snag berries) were plentiful and active. A Red-shouldered Hawk called intermittently, then flew into the nearby oak and called loudly before flying off! Passersby carrying bunches of celery on their way to the Little Farm heard all about Golden Gate Audubon and the birds... and the special wintering sapsucker. Sap wells provided a great show and tell!

Pat Mahoney

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Was present this morning 2/18 in the Tilden RP Nature area parking lot area. In the cotoneaster behind the picnic table near the disabled parking. Also had good looks there at Varied and Hermit thrush, hairy woodpecker, fox sparrow, male townsend's warbler and brown creeper.

Judi Sierra- Oakland

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