Re: Yellowo-bellied Sapsucker still in Tilden--Friday 2/16

George A Suennen

Hello All,

I was there also this morning and got a few photos of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Other birds of note while there, several Varied Thrush, in the same location as the YBS,  5 Brown Creepers on the Lower Pack Rat Trail, and a Great Blue Heron at Jewel Lake.

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The Nature Center parking lot was already becoming crowded shortly after 9 AM when the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was found today.  It was not in the usual cotoneaster, but was in a small young bay tree about 20 or 25 yards toward the nature center from there.  Look for the handicap parking spaces to the left of the picnic table.  Standing near the farthest handicap parking sign and looking toward the back of the trees was the best way to see the trunk of the bay tree.

A number of birders were present to take advantage of seeing and photographing the bird.  A few of the moms with kids even asked what it was we were seeing.

Hugh B. Harvey

Walnut Creek

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