Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker continues at Tilden Nature Center area

Lee Friedman

This post is to confirm the continuation of the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker by the Tilden Nature Area. I observed it this morning from 8:55AM- 9:10. It was first seen by Alan Kaplan’s GGAS group on Friday Feb. 2, and then positively identified by George Suennen on Feb. 5 with excellent photographs. I noted the absence of any red on the nape of the neck, and a red-throat patch that was completely enclosed by black—two characteristics that distinguish the male Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker from the Red-Naped Sapsucker.

I believe this is the only Bay Area location north of Pescadaro where this species is observable. Of course I do not know for how long it will stay, but it is partial to the red-berry tree (cotoneaster I believe) that is behind the picnic table located furthest north on the east side of the Nature Area parking lot. I strongly recommend that any observers stay on the west side of the picnic table itself in order not to frighten the bird. I think 8-9:30AM would be the best time of day to try, if only because the area gets crowded later in the day with families bringing their children to play. Of course there are many other birds worth viewing, like the Varied Thrushes that are also around.

I have posted one photo on my Flickr website:

Additional information and photos are embedded in my eBird report:

Good birding!

Lee Friedman

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