Geese at Arrowhead

Megan Jankowski

Yesterday (Monday) at Arrowhead Marsh it was a 5 goose day.. A flock of 36 Greater White-Fronted Geese were at the corner of the San Leandro Creek path and the bottling plant path. This was a first for me at this location. Also along the bottling plant path were 11 Snow Geese and one Ross's Goose. About 20 Cackling/Aleutians were in the field by the equator dish, along with some Canadas.

Other highlights were a large group of Green-winged teal over by the bottling plants, and a Merlin that flew over and briefly scared the group. Three Cinnamon teal (2 males, 1 female) were in the main marsh area, along with several Blue-winged.

Megan Jankowski

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