Greater White fronted Goose Flocks, East Bay

Jim Chiropolos

With the dense Tule fog in the central valley, waterfowl were moving in large numbers over the bay area as first reported by Dominik Mosur in the San Francisco ListServ.

This waterfowl movement was also occurring in the east bay. On Saturday, I saw a flock of 50 Greater White Fronted Goose flying south above Vollmer peak at 3:30 pm.

On Sunday, I saw or heard three more flocks of Greater White Fronted Geese with a flock over the house/Vollmer in dense fog at 8:30 am. I biked around Brionnes reservoir and at 12:30 I saw and heard another 2 flocks fly south over the Alhahambra Creek road east of Brionnes reservoir (definitely an area that needs more birding attention). I wonder how many flocks were missed as I was only outside in the east bay over the weekend for about 5 hours.

In 25 years living in the east bay, only one other time in similar conditions have I seen a flock of geese other than Canadian Geese flying in flocks and that was in similar weather conditions. In 25 years of working in Emeryville, I have never seen/heard any flocks of geese other than Canadian flying by during working hours....

Good Birding,

Jim Chiropolos

Emeryville and Orinda


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