Swamp Sparrow continues, Gomes Park, Fremont


A Swamp Sparrow continues along Mission Creek at newly renovated Gomes Park in Fremont.  Around 11:00 the bird was hanging out with a pair of Lincoln's Sparrows in the long yellow grass on the north side of the creek about halfway between the footbridge and the R/R tracks.

The creek runs through Gomes Park and a golf course to reach Lake Elizabeth.  You can walk into the park from Lemos Ln or one of the short side streets off Lemos Ln.  Another option is to park at the tennis courts off Gallaudet and walk south about 10 minutes to access the park via a new path over the R/R tracks.  This route leads you past New Marsh where the Tree Swallows have arrived in force, swirling above the next boxes under the watchful eye of an American Kestrel.  At least two Soras were calling from the marsh when I passed.

Look for a resident Green Heron that seems to always be wandering around on the rip rap at the last house (by the black iron gate) on the path through Gomes.  

Stephanie Floyd


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