Rails at Arrowhead Marsh

Nancy Van House

A large group of birders converged on Arrowhead Marsh for the king tide Tues morning.  At the same time, a shallow marsh boat from the EB Regional Parks District was there counting rails, and stopped to chat with the birders.  The parks people had counted 20+ (sorry, I forget the exact #) Ridgeways and 3 Virginia Rails. The # of Ridgeways was DOWN from the Dec high tide when the count was 30+. They believe this is from predation, noting that they had found a raccoon on one of the man-made platforms.  (I think the # of Virginias was up from one, but not sure I remember correctly.)  They also talked about the parks district's dilemma about the grasses: the spartina there is non-native but the rails really like it.

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