Birding Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

Noah Arthur

There is still some good birding available at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in San Leandro, although much of the former landbird habitat has been bulldozed (I'm not sure why). Most of the southern half of the park remains intact, including sparrow habitat along the park's southern edge and around the Neptune Drive entrance (there's been a sparrow flock on the hillside just northwest of this entrance recently). 

Due to obstruction of the view by a newly constructed building and a new plume of hot air (?) being released by the landfill that causes heat shimmer, it is no longer possible to scope the gulls foraging on the landfill from the east side of the park.

For gulls, ducks, and shorebirds, there is still "Tufted Duck Slough" on the north side of the park. For gulls, it's best to bird this slough on a high outgoing tide, when gulls visit from the landfill to bathe and slowly float outwards with the tide. Despite concerns about parking at the end of Davis Street last year, I haven't yet gotten in trouble for parking there, and often see various trucks parked there (including at least one taco truck!). But if you feel safer, you can also park at the Neptune Drive entrance and walk to the slough (some hill-climbing involved). 

I would urge local birders/gullers to hit this area hard in the coming months, as this may be our last chance! Construction could resume at Oyster Bay any day now, which will likely close off access to some areas and could involve more bulldozing. And, as I said in my last post, gull control efforts will probably commence at the landfill in the near future as well, putting an end to the gull action. 


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