Total closure of San Leandro Marina upcoming

Noah Arthur

I have heard from a local policeman -- and confirmed online -- that the entire San Leandro Marina will be indefinitely closed to the public in a couple of months, for a redevelopment project that will include the construction of hotels, restaurants, and other new businesses and housing developments. The former par course area will be condos. Combined with increasingly difficult access and construction projects at Oyster Bay, this marks the end of the San Leandro shoreline birding era. (And consequently, from now on, species such as Glaucous and Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Wandering Tattler, and White-winged Scoter will be more difficult or impossible in the county.) 

It is also very likely that the improvements at the Marina will precipitate gull control efforts at the nearby Davis Street landfill (behind Oyster Bay), so the limited remaining gull viewing opportunities on the north side of Oyster Bay will probably be lost as well, at least when the Marina project is completed and perhaps sooner. 


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