Re: Best EB spots for stationary birding?

Gambolin Man <tomario@...>

Hi David R! I suggest the meadow at Albany Bulb (McLaughlin Eastshore State Park), where Burrowing Owls can be spotted (and other raptors, herons, song birds etc) - I was fortunate enough to have spotted and filmed one recently! (First time ever.) Let me know if you want a Youtube link to my (shaky) shot :)

Tom McGuire
Berkeley CA

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Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 5:11 PM
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Best EB spots for stationary birding?

Hi folks. Due to a knee injury, I'm having trouble hiking/walking. I'd be grateful for suggestions on East Bay birding spots where one can remain stationary (whether seated or standing) and still do some satisfying birding.

Thank you!

David R.

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