San Leandro gulls today

Noah Arthur

Today Jack Hayden and I observed our long-standing tradition of gulling the San Leandro Marina on Thanksgiving morning. Gull numbers were impressive; one of the best days I've seen there. Along with several newly-lumped 'THAYER'S' ICELAND GULLS, we also got close looks at a 1st-cycle 'KUMLIEN'S' ICELAND GULL. There were more AMERICAN HERRING GULLS than I've usually see there, along with the usual RING-BILLED, MEW, CALIFORNIA, WESTERN, GLAUCOUS-WINGED, and various West Coast hybrids. Another very interesting bird was a Herring-type gull with extensive white on the underparts and a white tail-base with a broad dark terminal tail-band -- both Eurasian features. It doesn't, however, look good for Vega Gull (the semi-expected Eurasian Herring-type gull in California), so I'm not sure what to think of it. 

Kumlien's photos:

possible Eurasian Herring photos:

Noah Arthur (Oakland, CA/Lincoln, NE)

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