Drones and Birds

Jim Chiropolos

Today on my lunch walk people with a drone flew the drone into two roost locations and caused the terns and shorebirds on their Emeryville roosts to fly. They then chased birds in the air with the drone. 

They stopped and apologized after I politely said that that was inappropriate behavior and stressed the birds but it might not have been a sincere apology. This is the second time the last year I have witnessed people chasing birds with drones in Emeryville. Can someone update the group and notify us what is acceptable drone operation.

If this is illegal activity, does local law enforcement try to enforce it, or is this type of enforcement left to Fish and Wildlife?

I would hate to lose the Emeryville roosts I have watched for over 20 years because of people flying the drones into the roosts  for fun. For responses, we all know this is poor ethics so there is no need to pile on and criticize this type of behavior as it clutters the listserv. I am looking for one or two responses which summarizes the issues involved and cites regulations.


Jim Chiropolos

Emeryville and Orinda

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