Ferruginous Hawk Mt. Diablo

Jim Chiropolos

On Saturday, Ann Griffith and I biked up the north gate road on Mt. Diablo from Heather Farm. At the "rock wren location" about a mile past the entrance station, I watched a Ferruginous Hawk soaring with several other raptors. I have spend a lot of time on Diablo, and this was the first Ferruginous hawk I have seen in the area. (and yes, the rock wren was home). This area of the mountain is mostly grassland and always looked like ferruginous habitat.

After about 10 dips over the last year as this is one of our favorite rides, I finally re-saw the Heather Farm Tropical Kingbird perched on a dead snag on the north end of the "natural" pond.

Good birding,

Jim Chiropolos


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