Pt Pinole Peregrine Falcon

Sheila Dickie

At Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline Park yesterday Nov. 5, there was a Peregrine Falcon perched on the old pier posts at about 3 p.m. Last seen sitting on the edge of the osprey nest. Other sightings yesterday included two American Kestrels seen from the junction of Marsh Trail and Owl Alley looking toward the bay; two Northern Flickers on a snag near the Maintenance Buildings; one Brown Pelican at the pier and one flyover American White Pelican.

Looking East from the pier toward the refinery, there was a very large raft of birds on San Pablo Bay. Too far away for identification with binoculars, but two Ruddy Ducks and a small flight of Bufflehead were seen closer in.

Many Yellow-rumped Warblers in the park with a concentration at the pond off Owl Alley. On the way out of the park a large flock of Western Meadowlark flew over the road.

Sheila Dickie

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