Re: Merganser-Golden Eye hybrid

Hilary Powers <hilary@...>

On 12/6/2010 10:00 PM, Kim Burgess wrote:
Last Friday and today I saw what looked like a Hooded Merganser and
Goldeneye hybrid male in Lake Merritt. He was located on the
westerly side of the lake, right in front of the apartment tower at 1
Lakeside Dr. Each time he was with a Common Goldeneye female. ...
Cool - I wonder if this is a new visitor or our regular hoodie/goldeneye cross.... That'd be a new location for our usual guy (who is apt to be near the Nature Center, up at 12th Street, or over at Laney College), and he tends to hang with the Barrow's Goldeneyes.

If you feed "hybrid goldeneye merganser lake merritt" to Google images, the first two pictures are our regular guy. Is that who you saw? The shoulder spikes are really distinctive.

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