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Joe Morlan

Arrowhead Marsh West is scheduled to be "treated" with Imazapyr Herbicide
via both backpack and airboat on 13 November this year as part of an effort
to rid San Francisco Bay of non-native and hybrid Spartina.

This year's treatment schedule is at...

Additional information is at...

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First sighting was of one Nelson’s Sparrow. I was just across the bridge portion of the boardwalk looking back to the brushy shoreline west of the start of the boardwalk. In the first clump of bushes I saw a Nelson’s Sparrow perched at 9:25am. It disappeared but reappeared after a few minutes in the same place, then flew across
the channel to the marsh. I think this was getting close to high tide. Twenty minute later, while standing in the same place on the boardwalk, two Nelson’s Sparrows popped in the marsh grass along the west side of the boardwalk and were both in view long enough for Bob Dunn and Aaron Maizlish to get on them. This might help if the
birds continue. Four Blue-winged Teal were seen much earlier from the end of the boardwalk. Jerry, Jerry!

Dave Weber,


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Nelsons sparrow seen 9:25 am oct 30 same spot!

Dave Weber,
by phone

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Here are a couple of shots of the Nelson's Sparrows that I found this morning at Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland:

The time is about 40 minutes passed high tide and birds were feeding on the seeds of the grass in the marsh on the west side of the boardwalk just passed the bridge.

There were also 5 Blue-winged Teals foraging in the channel along the trail and about 2 dozens of American Pipits in the lawn.

Here is the complete eBird report with more pictures:

Happy Birding,

Jerry Ting

Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

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