Re: FIELD SPARROW photographed at Gomes Park, Fremont

Alvaro Jaramillo

Bob et al.

Having grown up with Field Sparrow in the Northeast, this bird looks so dull and gray that I think one can safely identify it as the western subspecies (aranacea). In the east, they are way more contrasting and colorful than this, the western form is duller and more grayish. Nice find!


Alvaro Jaramillo

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Bill Chen found and photographed a FIELD SPARROW this evening at Gomes Park in Fremont, a small park due east of Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. This may be a first county record for Alameda. (I see no previous eBird records, but i didn't do any other research.) His excellent photos were posted to the Fremont Birding Circle group on Facebook a short time ago:

The GPS coordinates of the spot he photographed the bird are: 37.550555, -121.954072

I'll see a lot of you at that park tomorrow morning, i'm sure.

Bob Toleno


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