Re: Albany Bulb Hummers

Peter Rauch


Why the comment about "Stay on the mail trail" ? Is this regarding following your informal survey protocol, or is there some other reason(s) for the recommendation to remain only on the main trail ?


At 13:54 10/03/10, you wrote:
Did a quick and very informal survey for male hummingbirds at the Albany Bulb today, from the trailhead out to the "castle" on the upper trail, 10:30 am to 11:45. Didn't count on the way back. Only counted birds that seemed to be "on territory" and not close than 100 yards to another male of the same species. Total of 5 Allen's Hummingbirds and 4 Anna's. Only unexpected passerine was a singing Fox Sparrow. Good walk, if you don't mind lots of dogs and some friendly "urban campers". Stay on the main trail, btw.
Cheers, Len Blumin

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