Western Meadowlarks in Heather Farm Park Thursday


The string of good birding continued for us this morning, as I found first one and then two Western Meadowlarks on the north ball fields at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek.  I was able to find Walt Duncan, who said he had assured good birding by leaving his camera home. Walt was at the wooden railing on the east side of the large, mostly natural pond when I found him and we headed towards the north ball fields.  It was at our arrival that we realized a second W Meadowlark was on the grass with the first and two Starlings.  We attempted to call our fellow birders Tracy Farrington and Fred Safier.  Tracy made it to the park, but the two birds of interest had already flown high and off to the south.  This might have been a patch bird for Tracy, and it is only the second time I remember seeing W Meadowlarks in the park; the first was a number of years ago on the south ball field.

While I was first talking with Walt and another morning park person at the wooden railing, we noticed some birds in the little tree next to the lawn with the small reddish berries.  I forget the name of the tree, but the Tropical Kingbird was in the tree with other birds including a Nuttall's Woodpecker.  The Kingbird liked this tree several years ago, apparently supplementing its diet with the berries.  The Yellow-rumped Warblers also like it, along with the White-crowned Sparrows.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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