Bird sightings at my eats bay patches....

Jim Chiropolos

At my east bay patches, some sightings of note on Wednesday morning:

At the 1000 ft. contour line on the east side of Vollmer in Orinda:

- Vaux Swifts migrating. Saw a group of 15 fly by at 7:45 am. These birds were flying straight south and there was no deviations in their flight for foraging. I wonder where their next roost/destination is.....

- Varied Thrush calling before the sun comes out above the horizon. I hope they will stay this year....

- A Red-bellied Sapsucker moved in overnight and was =getting the birch sap holes flowing again.

At Emeryville marina, a single Common Tern was with a group of over 100 Elegant/Foster's Terns.

Also, Is it my imagination or has this been the best Black-throated Grey Warbler migration in the bay area in years? I  have seen over 25 black-throated greys this year, they seem to be everywhere..... Likely double or more compared to previous years

Good Birding

Jim Chiropolos,

Orinda and Emeryville 

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