Will This Be a Good Acorn Year for Birds that Like Eating Acorns In the East Bay Hills?

Jim Chiropolos

In my yard the last month, I have been watching acorns in 4 live oak trees ripen in the thousands. On Sunday morning, for the first time, I saw Scrub Jays flying with acorns in their beaks so the acorns must be ripe enough to eat. I also heard Acorn Woodpeckers calling at least 4 times (Sightings before Sunday was usually only one call every three or four days). Also on Sunday, I saw my first Band-tailed  Pigeon flocks - three - fly over the yard so it seems that the birds have noticed - how do the birds know that this is an area to concentrate for feeding on acorns?

My question - are other people seeing good acorn crops in the live oaks in the east bay hills?

Other spotting's of note :

Pine Siskins have been in the yard two of the last three days and also at Vollmer Peak so maybe this will be a Pine Siskin invasion year compared to the last year when they were largely absent from the east bay.

A Vaux Swift flew by my office in Emeryville at Powell Street - a tough bird for Alameda county......

Good Birding,

Jim Chiropolos

Orinda and Emeryville

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