Lewis Woodpeckers Orinda

Jim Chiropolos

On Sunday at 9 am, two groups of Lewis Woodpeckers flew over the house. At first I thought they were crows, and groups of crows areĀ rare as a yard bird this time of year.,For some reason something looked off and when I brought the bins up I saw the pink on the belly. No way!! They were about 200 feet up flying towards Vollmer/Sibley.

The first group had 13 birds. After the first group passed, I thought, is that really what I saw? Five minutes later a second group of 6 birds flew right over the house, only 100 ft. or so up. Great looks at the pink belly, whitish collar and greenish-black color. Wow!

Where are these birds headed? Sunol? Los Trampas? The South bay? Don't take "flying crows" for granted.

Good birdingĀ ,

Jim Chiropolos,


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